Brant & Wilson District Travelling Gavel

This gavel was originally created as a Travelling Gavel in the old Wilson North District.
With the reunification of the Wilson Districts, R.W.Bro Michael J Segui, District Deputy Grand Master of Wilson District would like to offer this gavel as a "Travelling Gavel" to encourage visitation between lodge in the Brant and Wilson Districts.
On behalf, R.W.Bro.Andrew G. Lonridge from Dereham Lodge No.624 presents it to you and requests that in order to maintain a history, the DDGMs of Brant and Wilson Districts are nptoifed with the it is received, as well as the Lodge and Distrcit it is held in.
It is our hope that this Travelling Gavel will foster relations and strengthen the bonds of friendship between out distrcts for years to come.
16 November, 2019

Ozias Lodge No.508 - 16 November 2019 (First Lodge)

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