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Brant Lodge No.45

Brant Lodge No.45 Logo

  Worshipful Master (2018-2019:)
W. Bro. Jeffrey Farncombe
Phone: 226-802-5866

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Photo of Brantford Masonic Temple

Photo of Brant Lodge No.45 Lodge Room
Brant No.45
Meets on the 2nd Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.
Brant Masonic Centre
117 Charing Cross St.
Brantford, ON N3R 2H8

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Brantford Masonic Temple
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Mailing Address:
Brant Masonic Centre
117 Charing Cross St.
Brantford, ON N3R 2H8

Visit the Brant Lodge Web site at

Contact Person: W. Bro. Steve Frotten (Secretary)
Phone: 519-752-7409


A brief history of Brant Lodge No.45

Prior to the formation of the Grand Lodge of Canada in 1855, Brant Lodge operated as No. 323, under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

The charter granted by the grand Lodge of Ireland was dated June 6th, 1853, and was signed by Augustus Frederick, Duke of Leinster, Grand Master; George Hoyte, D. G. M.; Richard, Earl of Donoughmore, G. S. W.; Sir John McNeil, G. J. W. of the Grand Lodge of Ireland. It was granted to Arunah Huntington as Worshipful Master; Charles H. Waterous as Senior Warden and Charles R. Wilkes as Junior Warden.

Brant Lodge has supplied the nucleus for the formation of other Lodges in this district, including Doric Lodge No. 121; Ozias Lodge No. 508; Burford Lodge No. 106; and St. George Lodge No.243. Brant Lodge became a grandmother lodge, when Doric Lodge No. 121 supplied the nucleus of members for the formation of Reba Lodge No. 515 and when Burford Lodge No. 106 supplied members for the formation of Scotland Lodge No. 193.

During the 150 years, Brant Lodge met at Roy’s Hall, Colborne and Market Sts. After the fire on June 24, 1869 the Lodge moved to Tisdale Hall on Colborne Street over the Duncan Store and it bears the date “1869".

In 1896 we moved to the Stratford Building at the corner of King and Dalhousie Sts. This building bore the legend “Masonic Temple 1896, until it was razed to provide for the Imperial Gas Station. In 1910 the lodges moved to larger quarters in the Temple Building, 76-78 Dalhousie Street next to the Post Office. In 1953 moved to the new building at 192 Greenwich which is where we still are.

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