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Congratulations goes out to R.W.Bro. Allen Durnford for being installed as Brant Districts 2021-2022 District Deputy Grand Master

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2021/22 DDGMs

Congratulations to V.W.Bro. Peter Duns for being appointed as this years Steward and the rank of Very Worshipful

As of the 1 November 2021, Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario is allowing every lodge to reopen if they wish.  See the below link for the offical message.

26 October 2021 Message 29 October 2021 ADDENDUM Message


The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in misinformation and conspiracy theories about the scale of the pandemic and the origin, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease. False information, including intentional disinformation, has been spread through social media, text messaging, and mass media. Journalists have been arrested for allegedly spreading fake news about the pandemic. False information has also been propagated by celebrities, politicians, and other prominent public figures. The spread of COVID-19 misinformation by governments has also been significant.     

Commercial scams have claimed to offer at-home tests, supposed preventives, and "miracle" cures.  Several religious groups have claimed their faith will protect them from the virus.  Without evidence, some people have claimed the virus is a bioweapon accidentally or purposefully leaked from a laboratory, a population control scheme, the result of a spy operation, or the side effect of 5G upgrades to cellular networks.    

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared an "infodemic" of incorrect information about the virus that poses risks to global health.  While belief in conspiracy theories is not a new phenomenon, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, this can lead to adverse health effects.  Cognitive biases, such as jumping to conclusions and confirmation bias, may be linked to the occurrence of conspiracy beliefs.    

I continue to see Freemasons engaging in social media platforms perpetuating some of the “infodemic” ideals.  Every Mason has the right to opinions and ideals but…when you speak as a Mason on a public platform you expose the fraternity to public positions not supported by Grand Lodge. I urge all members to use caution when perpetuating opinion pieces and false information, you need to “take care when you share” on Social Media. More importantly you need to educate yourself to guard against scams and false information.    

Wash your hands, wear a mask and be safe my brothers.  May the Great Architect protect you through these difficult times.    

W.Bro. David Pigg 
Master, St. George Lodge No.243 

Message From The D.D.G.M. - 
30 Jan 2021

Brethren - Hoping all is well with you and your families at this time. The pandemic were facing shows no signs of let up and a lot of areas in Ontario seem to be worse than others but fortunately we’ve managed to stay safe within the comforts of our homes. The district manages to continue business of the lodges via zoom and has been very successful so far. We’ve had comments from the Grand Master as to the success in Brant District and this was well received by the members of our district. As we continue to hold these district meetings we must also continue to share with others the knowledge that we possess as well distinctive Masons.

As I spoke with our lodges at Official Visits participation and involvement is a key element of success. I’m asking that we take this into consideration for your respective lodge. We’ve changed the meetings so all brethren from around the district can attend the meetings of there choice as visiting is also a key factor to masonry. We’ve also added speakers to attend and present education to make the meetings more interesting to the members. Younger members of the district need to hear and see so-called “veterans” to continue the spark in the craft. Even though the meetings don’t reveal any work or ritual it’s nice to see familiar faces that we’ve seen before pre-pandemic at meetings.

If you have any technical issues or suggestions that may be helpful to the district, please inform me or the Master of your lodge so we can possibly get more input that will allow even more attendance to the meetings. This is all we have for now so let’s do the best with what we have. Hoping to see you at a meeting soon.


R.W Paul Isaac
DDGM Brant District


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