St. John's Lodge No.35

Meets 1st Thursday at 7:30 p.m.
Cayuga Masonic Temple
8 Munsee Street North
Cayuga, Ontario
N0A 1E0

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 478
Cayuga, Ontario
N0A 1E0

St. John's Lodge No. 35 Cayuga, ON The formation of St. John's Lodge was conceived in the minds of nine men during the fall of 1844. A number of meetings were held at the home of Bro. Hiram Humphrey, by these brethren, with the idea of forming a new masonic lodge.

After due deliberation they applied for charter to the Third Provincial Grand Lodge. On May 15, 1845, this Charter was granted, and St. John's Lodge No. 12 P. R. (under the jurisdiction of the Third Provincial Grand Lodge) and No. 779 E. R. (under the jurisdiction of the Grand lodge of England) was born.

St. John's Lodge was instituted at York, ON on the Grand River between Caledonia and Cayuga, From its humble beginning of the nine masons, St. John's has had a gradual growth to its present membership.

St. John's past is rich in historical lore. It has maintained its place as a force for good in the community, and has prompted loyalty and good fellowship among its members.